Absinthe Noir (absinthenoir) wrote in another_planet,
Absinthe Noir

Holy shit, I found a pulse!

Siouxsie has signed a new deal with Universal and will release a new album on the brand new imprint, W14, next year. Siouxsie is now busy writing new material for the new record and will go into the studio later this year to begin recording. 'I am really excited about making new music, I have various collaborators in mind and am itching to get back in the studio'. Referring to an infamous spray-painting campaign to get the Banshees signed to a major label, Siouxsie added 'At least I didn't have to get someone spray-painting my name on the front of the Universal building!

The new venture sees her reunited with John Williams, who was the Polydor A&R man who worked with her on Siouxsie and the Banshees' 1988 'Peepshow' album and on The Creatures' 1989 album 'Boomerang'.

Taken from www.thecreatures.com
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